Monday, January 30, 2012

The Vogue project page 8 & 9

Page 8 & 9 (08/03/07)

Another Estee Ad from my Vogue Project, makes me wonder how much they pay for that kind of advertising space?! All I remember from doing this one is that I had had a fight with my boyfriend and started scribbling blue in the center of her face, and it ended up being a good idea so I went with it. 
P.S we made up, haha.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Inspiration Board

I thought I would show you guys a lil inspiration board shot from my studio:) From bottom L:
My mum's 1979 Minolta camera (now mine;), W cover w/Kate Moss in my favorite ever Chanel dress, Richard Prince Hurricane Nurse postcard from the V&A, Tiffany & Co bottle vase necklace from a 97 mag, Zomp Christmas invites, Christian Lacroix plates, NYFW lanyard, my first Stormie Mills exhibition Invite and cow sketch, Aurelio Costarella invite by me, Poppy Lissiman fluro swing tags, Eniko for Vogue Paris 2010, Givenchy Couture, Givenchy RTW, Perth Fashion Festival lanyard, printing price list, Ksubi shoe box filled with cups and containers for painting, Sketch books, Workable Fixative spray, Pencils in coffee cups, Prada fold out ad, Takashi Murakami clipping, Brett Whitely ocean painting clipping, The Fashion Catalyst business card, Sean Morris postcard, Damien Hirst diamond skull, ipod, paintbrushes.

If you have a question about anything on there ask below!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Vogue Project page 6

 Page 6 Lancome

Page six out of the 332 pages! Drew Barrymore for Lancome. I did a better job on the left page (the one above) of the two page spread so I'm not showing you guys the other one! Cheeky!
BUT you can see the original image here if you are curious.
In other news I have had a week without internet, oh the pain!
That's why Facebook for mobile exists I suppose.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vogue Project pg 4 & 5

Page 4 (05/06/06) & page 5 (12/06/06)

I thought every Monday I could post another Vogue page for you all while also completing a new one.
This weeks is that beautiful Estee Lauder campaign with Carolyn Murphy in B.I.C pen (love drawing in ball point pen). And you will notice my first attempt at the french text! I'm convinced I know about half the language now;) Currently I'm 60+ pages in and I'm still only just past the contents and have not had the chance to tackle any articles yet! It's gunna get interesting...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Vogue Project

Page 1 (cover) 12/05/06
Page 2 19/05/06 & page 3 21/05/06

Well. I'm coming clean. This is a secret I have kept for 6 years now! 
Since 2006 I have been working on a personal project and have kept it underground because: 
A. I wanted to tell everyone about it when I had finished it and 
B. I was fearful of someone stealing the idea (dont think I'm a horrible person! It's just that it's my baby and it's so close to my heart that I would be so upset if that happened.)
So here it is:
The Project: 
Illustrate my favorite issue of Vogue Paris from front to back cover. Each page must be completed in the same order as the magazine.

The Issue:
Vogue Paris, Mars 2005, No 855                            332 Pages                                Start Date: 12/05/06

I am currently onto page 62. I have approached Vogue Paris, Vogue Aus, Vogue Aus online, Vogue US, various editors/stylists ect to no avail. Ultimately I would love to exhibit and publish it but I want Vogue onside to do this. Until then I will keep posting the pages for my lovely blog followers!
So glad I have got this off my chest!