Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Vogue Project

Page 1 (cover) 12/05/06
Page 2 19/05/06 & page 3 21/05/06

Well. I'm coming clean. This is a secret I have kept for 6 years now! 
Since 2006 I have been working on a personal project and have kept it underground because: 
A. I wanted to tell everyone about it when I had finished it and 
B. I was fearful of someone stealing the idea (dont think I'm a horrible person! It's just that it's my baby and it's so close to my heart that I would be so upset if that happened.)
So here it is:
The Project: 
Illustrate my favorite issue of Vogue Paris from front to back cover. Each page must be completed in the same order as the magazine.

The Issue:
Vogue Paris, Mars 2005, No 855                            332 Pages                                Start Date: 12/05/06

I am currently onto page 62. I have approached Vogue Paris, Vogue Aus, Vogue Aus online, Vogue US, various editors/stylists ect to no avail. Ultimately I would love to exhibit and publish it but I want Vogue onside to do this. Until then I will keep posting the pages for my lovely blog followers!
So glad I have got this off my chest!


  1. That is so cool! Very exiting project. Can't wait to see more. I know how you feel- I was contacting them as well an no answer so far.

  2. That is such a cool project you've conjured up. And I understand you, I would have done the same thinking about it. It's looking amazing so far! I'm really excited to see the end result!


  3. Hermoso!!!! es una gran idea... y seguro te keda fastantica!!!

  4. Un proyecto estupendo.
    muxus y biquiños

  5. You go girl! That is quite and undertaking.Looking forward to seeing more of them. These look fabulous.

  6. this is the greatest idea! i love it, LOVE it :)

  7. So awesome!!! I can't wait to see more! x

  8. + 783 points for being so cool
    I once considered trying to tackle a magazine front to cover but was always way too scared I'd quit

    way to go i'll be looking forward to them

  9. Such a great idea! Plus you're doing it so well. Good luck with it all!!!

  10. wow! I like all the different techniques/ media that you're using. Looking forward to seeing what develops.