Saturday, September 1, 2012

'A is for Arizona'

My poor little under loved blog:( 
It's been all about my Facebook artist page lately! 
So I'll get everyone up to speed...I had an exhibition! "A is for Arizona" was an illustration exhibition featuring 'A-Z' of my favorite local and international runway and photographic models, some of them included Daga Ziober, Nimue Smit, Ruby-Jean Wilson and Zuzanna Bijoch. The exhibition opened on the 21st of June in the beautiful heritage buildings of 140 in the city. All works were 700mm x 1000mm and done in a mix of acrylic, charcoal, paint-pens and spray-paint on canvas. The amazing thing is that it was a sell out! The pieces went to some beautiful homes and I cant wait to see photos of where they live now:)

'A is for Arizona'
'D is for Daga'

'Ni s for Nimue'
'O is for Olga'


  1. These are beautiful. Congrats with the exhibition!
    Akvile from fashion.doc

  2. Here's my situation. I have a degree in fashion illustration but I worked my way up as a graphic designer with an auction house here in NYC. So I kind of have to go back and take classes. Can anyone suggest what classes I should take. I really need to know the lingo and the overall important things. Thank you to those who reply.

    hvac schools AZ

  3. I absolutely love the two images in the middle, they are as classic as they are quirky and the contrast just makes them even more beautiful!

  4. Wow this is really nice!