Saturday, September 1, 2012

'Best Western'

Exciting news! I'm having an exhibition in a week and a half! Eeeeek!
It's been a massive secret because it's in conjunction with Perth Fashion Festival, I had to wait till they released their (unbelievable) program where the event was listed before I could tell you guys, or anyone else for that matter! This year I am PFF's official illustrator which means I get an exhibition with them, attendance to all the shows and some other amazing opportunities that, you guessed it, I cant tell you yet!

For now I can give you a rundown on the exhibition and an image;)
" 'Best Western' is an exhibition by Fashion Illustrator Pippa McManus where she presents her interpretation of Perth Fashion Festival's 2012 campaign images.The illustrator exhibits 10 works in her signature style of sultry yet elegant women in bright pops of colour, rendered with soft charcoals, edgy splashes of spray paint and drippy acrylics. Face of the Festival Nicole Pollard comes to life on the canvas, with McManus paying homage to the great fashion design talent that comes from our State. McManus puts an artist's spin on the beautiful works of photographer Pierre Toussaint. All prints are exclusive editions of 3 and the original works will be for sale on the opening night."

'Nicole in Red'


  1. Your work is amazing! I love it!


  2. to die for... you're in Downton league baby and he's a living legend

  3. Awesome!! Loving your blog!! New follower on BlogLovin!! Feel free to follow back!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Love it! Amazing! Stunning! Can't find words for it, it's really gooood! :)
    hugs and kisses

    Johanna, Sweden

  5. thats stunning!i love how the colours work together. im obsessed with fashion and fashion illustration just brings it to paper well done :D

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